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2019 Outdoor Worship & Church Picnic

Make plans to gather for our Church Picnic and Outdoor Worship Service, Sunday, July 21st on the St. John’s Church and School grounds!  In this inaugural year of church and school at the same location, we’ll worship outdoors at 10:00 am, serve a potluck meal from the school commons and then head back outside to enjoy the food and fellowship.

The theme of our worship and fellowship this year will be “Welcome Home,” in line with our Synod’s emphasis on inviting and welcoming back those who have grown distant from our church family, worship, fellowship and ministries.  Please make an effort to personally invite a friend, relative, neighbor or someone who hasn’t joined us for a while to come with you or meet you for this special event.  In order to assure that every member receives a personal invitation, just as we did several years ago, for the next several weekends you will find a list of members who haven’t been active in our congregation the past year on the table in the fireside room.  Prayerfully consider signing your name behind theirs, and in doing so, noting them as your special guest and “invitee .”  Again, we’ll pray that every name is claimed and everyone receives a heartfelt and personal invitation to “come home” and celebrate with us the Lord who binds us together in our brokenness.

As mentioned above, there will be other changes this year as well.  With no park pavilion to shelter us, we’re looking for several members with 10×20 or 10×10 foot shelters to provide shade for those who need it.  Bring a dish to pass for the potluck meal, and if you like, a cake for the desert table.  Hot dogs, both skinned and skinless, and buns will be donated.  Water and lemonade will also be provided.  Bring your own soda or non-alcoholic beverages if you wish.  A free will offering will cover any additional expenses.  We’re excited to offer a family style picnic that everyone can afford!!

After the meal there will be a photo booth set up to record the day.  We’re looking for members to organize a kickball or blind man’s volleyball tournament.  If you’re into beanbag toss, ladder golf, horseshoes, croquet, whatever, bring them all along and enjoy each other’s company!  Our goal is to replicate a family picnic – just on a much larger scale!

But most important, this special weekend is about taking a moment to be reminded that in Christ, we are family – a family that will last for eternity.  We notice, care about and make time for each other.  So mark your calendar, put your name and prayers behind a church family brother or sister, and look forward and work toward the day Jesus will welcome all of us “home.”