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With the day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute changes/updates regarding the Coronavirus, the question has been raised whether regular worship will be held at St. John’s. Sadly, due to recommendations from both our governor and the CDC, worship in the sanctuary at this time will NOT take place until further notice.  BUT, members of St. John’s, along with anyone else who wants and needs the Word of God will still be able to worship – just in different ways.

Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” So, St. John’s encourages you to worship in small groups at home and/or invite others to worship with you.

St. John’s will still prepare, present and celebrate worship as scheduled. A preacher will preach and an accompanist will accompany. We will record, stream, and also publish those services to DVDs in order that our congregation can continue to be in the Word, even while staying home.  We would encourage each family to commit with another family, neighbor or household, to set a time weekly and meet together to worship using the live stream, rebroadcast or DVD.

Within the recommended size for gatherings, this temporary return to “house churches” would provide accountability, mutual encouragement and structure that would leave our congregation stronger for the “inconvenience.”  Members who have strayed away from our family will receive invitations to rejoin our fellowship, one invitation and one “house church” at a time.  Please invite one of the pastors to drop by your gathering and we will be pleased to bring you the sacrament.

These streams and rebroadcasts will begin already this Wednesday and Thursday, with our midweek Lenten services and regular Thursday night services. DVDs of this week’s worship will be available in the church office already this Friday, and continue to be available according to the same schedule.

With regard to other challenges at St. John’s in the light of this pandemic, soup suppers, hospitality treats and Easter breakfast have all been cancelled. Choir, Sunday School, and confirmation class will not meet until further notice. Confirmation Day and classes in preparation for it will be rescheduled.

Finally, the work of the church continues to need your monetary support.  You can continue to support St. John’s with your offerings by using the Givelify app, electronic bill pay from your bank, or mailing/dropping off offerings to the church office.

Please contact the church office, pastors, or Church Council members with any questions.

Jesus keep you all!
St. John’s Pastors and Church Council