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Our Worldwide Efforts

St. John’s is affiliated and unashamedly so with what is quite possibly one of the most conservative Lutheran church bodies in the world. The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (or WELS) is headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

As such, we join with our WELS brothers and sisters all over the world in doctrine and practice, to carry out our Lord’s great commission to preach and teach the truth to the ends of the world and up until the end of the age.

Together we train teachers and preachers by way our our schools, colleges and seminary. We develop faithful, Biblical materials and assist each other in congregational ministry in our own communities. We send missionaries where we ourselves cannot go. We send aid to those hurting physically when disaster strikes – and along with that aid comes prayers and ministry when nothing else can fill emptiness.

In short, we reach out with the hope that we have much, much farther than just the lakeshore.

We thank God for the gift of unity that only truth can create and sustain. Check out our extended family and mission at our comprehensive synod (walking together) web site.