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Call Extended to Pastor Steven Neuman

Pastor Neuman currently serves our fellow believers in Pigeon, MI – a congregation of nearly 400 with a smaller school of 12 students and Early Childhood ministry serving 22 students.

Pastor is married to Sarah, and they’ve been blessed with children 12,10,7,5 and 4 years old. He grew up on a dairy farm in Markesan, WI and served dual congregations in Kendall and Ontario, WI before his current call in Michigan.

On Monday, May 22nd, St. John’s voters met to “call” a replacement for departing Pastor Steve Kruschel. (please see link below to further explain our “calling process)

Please keep the Neumans in your prayers – and feel free and encouraged to reach out to them at pastorneuman at gmail.com or by phone (as provided in the news and notes available every worship service. But be prepared for what he’ll ask of you – most importantly, “what would you rather he not know about our congregation and ministry in Two Rivers?”

God bless both us and our Pigeon, MI family members as we pray the Spirit of Pentecost would visit the Neumans with guidance, peace and a decision where God would have them serve 🙂