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Masking Survey – Now What?

At their May 17 meeting the St. John’s church council designated all services “mask optional” beginning this week Thursday, with current distancing between seating to continue.

We encourage all families to take into account CDC guidance regarding protecting your families.

Thank you for your feedback with over 160 surveys returned. The council members will personally contact the over 20 members who shared circumstances that would find them unable in good conscience to attend services where worshipers would be unmasked.

We ask the congregation to continue to make an effort to register for worship services so those concerned individuals may then choose lesser attended services.  Also, we ask you to consider leaving seating available near the large window for those with health concerns because this is the most ventilated area of the sanctuary.

Thank you again for the response to the survey – and especially for the selfless comments and willingness to serve each other. God bless us as we gather!