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St. John’s Reaches Out to Extend Preacher Call for 11th Time – And We’re Done!

Praying that the eleventh time would be a charm, the voters of St. John’s braved cold and ice to cast a unanimous ballot for Rev. Stephen Kruschel of Geneva, Nebraska to serve as associate pastor.  Pastor Stephan and his wife Rebecca have been blessed with five children, ages 10,8,6,5 & 3.  Pastor hails from Redwood Falls, MN and Rebecca from Iron Ridge, WI.  The couple met while studying at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN.  The Kruschels currently serve the dual congregations of Grace and Trinity Lutheran churches in Geneva and Grafton, NE, respectively.  In answer to our prayers, Rev. Kruschel has accepted the call to serve us in Two Rivers!  The family will finish up the school year (through the end of May) in Nebraska, and join us on the lakeshore the first week of June.  God bless your travels – and your ministry among us, Pastor & Becca!