Register for Safe Distancing Worship Services!

Thank you for your cooperation as we do our best to balance our love for the Word and for each other.  Below you will find the links to register for upcoming worship services.  You’ll be registering for a FREE “ticket” or “tickets.”  They are only our way of ensuring that our two worship spaces (church and multipurpose room – both air conditioned) remain safe and uncrowded and that you are well aware where you should go on Thursday nights or Sunday mornings.  Currently each service time has room for a maximum of 55 in the church and 35 in the multipurpose room.  Please note that the statewide mandate requires masks for public buildings, including ours.  But we’ll be ok, even N95’s can’t stop the Spirit of Truth from strengthening us, or our presence and praise from strengthening each other!  God bless you and others through you as we return to public worship.

Thursday October 22 2020 6PM Evening Registration

Sunday October 25 2020 8AM EARLY SERVICE Registration

Sunday October 25 2020 10:30AM LATE SERVICE Registration