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Plan My Easter Visit

My name is David Arndt, and my associate Stephen Kruschel and I are pastors at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Two Rivers.

We want to personally invite you and your family to our Easter Sunday services at April 9th at 6,8 and 10:30AM.

St. John’s is a gathering of broken sinners, united the confidence proclaimed by Scripture that God, for the sake of Son’s innocent suffering, death and resurrection, cannot see our sin and sees us as saints, covered in the holiness of our substitute Jesus Christ. We gather to be encouraged in and to encourage each other in that love – while proclaiming to the world what great things God has done!

Our goal is to focus on God’s Word and that Word alone. God says only truth, His truth, has the power to set people free from everything that weighs us down. At. St. John’s we strive to hear God speak every time we worship – and for young and old to be able to hear what God demands so we can appreciate what God has done.

Plan your visit below and we’ll have a warm welcome and a free gift waiting for you when you join us Easter Sunday!

P.S, We’re located just west of Luck Paws on Highway VV (45th Street) in Two Rivers. And you are more than welcome to join us for Holy Week worship leading up to Sunday morning! You’ll find a complete list of special worship opportunities here.