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Opportunities to Serve



The mission of St. John’s: To make disciples (Matthew 28:19) and to do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus (Colossians 3:17).



  • Explore opportunities to reach out to our community at city festivals, the Senior Center, at Farmers’ Market, etc.
  • Community canvassing
  • Program to help those in need/the indigent
  • Live Nativity (contact: Kathy Evers and Milli Taddy)


Soul Care (contact: pastors)

  • Mentor new members
  • Assist visitors in worship
  • Remember those serving in the military
  • Implement a College Student Care program
  • Cradle roll (contact: Nicky Funk)



  • Visit shut-ins (contact: pastors)
  • Volunteer at the Hamilton Home (contact: pastors)
  • Visit new members (contact: Stewardship Committee)
  • Visit straying members (contact: Evangelism Committee)
  • Deliver bulletins/worship tapes


Christian Education

  • Teach or assist in Sunday School (contact: Andy Backus)
  • Teach or assist in Vacation Bible School (VBS) (contact: Kelly Rohrer and Laura Jaeger)
  • Reach out to community children at Christmas and Easter
  • Assist in St. John’s pre-school (contact: Laura Jaeger)
  • Recruit families for St. John’s pre-school (contact: Laura Jaeger)
  • Teach or attend Financial Peace University (contact: Kelly Rohrer)
  • Teach a Bible study (contact: pastors)
  • Recruit for Bible studies (Men’s Breakfast, Women’s Breakfast, other)
  • Assist with youth group (contact: Amy Cook and Kelly Rohrer)



  • Usher at a worship service
  • Train ushers
  • Greet before a worship service (contact: Julie Rosado)
  • Tape sermons to put online or for shut-ins (contact: Pastor Stelter)
  • Tape worship services for streaming
  • Run the soundboard and computer for worship services (contact: Tom Stoeger and Jim Flessert)
  • Volunteer in the nursery
  • Organize/coordinate “on-call” nursery staff
  • Provide valet parking for elderly worshippers
  • Serve on the Altar Guild (contact: Ginny Willis and Mary Ellen Spaeth)



  • Sing in the adult choir (contact: Ryan Jaeger)
  • Choir instrumentalist (contact: Ryan Jaeger)
  • Worship instrumentalist (contact: pastors)
  • Worship vocalist (contact: pastors)
  • Play in the handbell choir (contact: Amy McCargar)
  • Direct the handbell choir (contact: Amy McCargar)
  • Coordinate special choirs: men’s choir for Good Friday; Christmas Eve choir, etc. (contact: Ryan Jaeger)



  • Evangelism (contact: Andy Simon)
  • Stewardship (contact: Larry Shambeau)
  • Congregational Life (contact: Jim Marshall)
  • Finance (contact: Joe Cook)
  • Called Workers’ Care (contact: Judy LaGrow)
  • Building and Grounds (contact: Jim Ernst)
  • Christian Education (contact: Keith Nelson)


Clerical/Office (contact: Sue Gabel and Nicky Funk)

  • Make phone calls
  • Volunteer at the reception desk
  • Assemble newsletters
  • Count money
  • Help in the school library


Computers/Technology (contact: Pastor Arndt)

  • Maintain/troubleshoot church and school computers and network
  • Design and support the church/school website
  • Produce powerpoint presentations
  • Produce worship music videos


Photography (contact: Pastor Arndt and Kathy Evers)

  • Photograph new members and update the bulletin board
  • Take pictures for the church pictorial directory
  • Take photos for use in videos and presentations
  • Chronicle congregation events for website and social media


Publications (contact: Pastor Arndt)

  • Design and produce the monthly newsletter
  • Design publications for special events
  • Publish a pictorial directory
  • Serve as media liaison


Cleaning (contact: Kathy Evers)

  • Clean the church
  • Schedule/coordinate the volunteer church cleaning crews


Food Preparation/Serving (contact: Doris Mueller, Renee Prausa, Bonnie Monka)

  • Funerals
  • Advent soup suppers
  • Lent soup suppers
  • Live Nativity “Oasis Cafe”
  • Easter breakfast
  • Confirmation breakfast
  • Congregation potlucks


Outdoors (contact: Tom Peters)

  • Cut lawn
  • Shovel snow
  • Maintain the flower beds
  • Maintain the outdoor learning classroom and nature trail (contact: Kelly Rohrer)
  • Maintain the soccer field and softball diamond



  • Decorate the church for the various seasons (contact: Kathy Evers & Milli Taddy)
  • Serve on the banner committee (contact: Ginny Willis & Mary Ellen Spaeth)
  • Repair/Clean robes (contact: Ginny Willis & Mary Ellen Spaeth)
  • Arrange flowers for worship (contact: Rhonda Allie)
  • Create bulletin boards (contact: Beth Messman)
  • Create baptismal napkins and banners
  • Create prayer crosses (contact: Jeff Pagels)
  • Construct parade floats (contact: Dennis Evers)
  • Construct props/buildings for the Live Nativity (contact: Dennis Evers)



  • Church picnic (contact: Preston Jones)
  • Coordinate “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (contact: Pat Marshall & Kathy Marshall)
  • WELS booth at the county fair (contact: Dave Wiesner)
  • Men’s Club (contact: Preston Jones)
  • Ladies’ Afternoon Fellowship
  • Organize special congregation trips and events, such as Brewer games, visit to the seminary, visit to WLC, etc.
  • Head-up/organize Men’s Conference @ SJS (contact: Pastor Arndt)