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Men’s “Bread & Breakfast” Bible Study Takes on Giants!

St. John’s men’s “Bread & Breakfast” Saturday morning Breakfast and Bible Study will be turning their attention the next several months to Max Lucado’s study of David’s life, “Facing Your Giants.”  With only Jesus’ life covered in more detail in the Bible, David’s life is a deep study into human and male brokenness, the ebb and tide of arrogance and humility, and a reminder of the power and peace of God’s presence and promises.  The group meets the first and last Saturdays of the month at Two Rivers Family Restaurant, from 7:30-8:30 am.  We order off the menu, enjoy God’s Word over our food, and are officially done in about an hour – although the fellowship often carries over into the parking lot long after.  You do not need to read ahead or even have a copy of the book to join us, or benefit from the study – but we think a copy of the book would be a blessing to you.  While we do have about 20 copies available in the church office for 11.50 a piece, you can also find them on amazon, google, barnes and noble, or even kindle and audio versions even cheaper.

Join us – and bring a friend.  Its a great way to start the weekend – and a great reminder that while we are all broken, God holds us together and helps us celebrate his strength together as Christian men!