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This Is “Trivers” Calling!

On Sunday afternoon, January 22nd, the voters of St. John’s extended a divine call to Pastor Timothy Wagner of Columbus, Ohio to serve as associate pastor at St. John’s.  Pastor Wagner and his wife Elisabeth, have five children.  He currently serves Lamb of God Lutheran Church and grew up in Burlington, WI.  His wife hails originally from Neenah, WI and her parents are now retired to Appleton.  You can read the Wagner family biography here.
Not by coincidence, the pericope (historically assigned readings for each Sunday of the church year) that particular Sunday emphasized the power of the Gospel that is inherent in the Word of God, and not aided or assisted by a preacher’s personality or talents.  Pastor Wagner is pleased to know that we have called him to simply let his God given light and love for the Gospel shine among us!  With faces now matched to names, please remember Pastor Tim and his family your prayers as he seeks the Spirit’s guidance with regard to the two calls he now holds.

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